Spring 2014 Fabric Collections Now Available



Swedish Collection // Inspired by a trip to Lindsborg, KS (little Sweden) and my husband’s Swedish heritage. Happy Dala horses, simple flowers, and minimalist houses complete the collection. 

Nautical Collection // Inspired by my love of sailing – you won’t go far in our house before bumping into something nautical – even our wedding was nautical themed! Patterns of anchors, sailboats, and signal flags complete the collection.

Summertime Collection // Inspired by my silly nieces – who are all about playing outside in the warm sunshine! Dancing butterflies, cool sunglasses and sticky ice-cream patterns complete the collection.

Fox Collection // Inspired by my crazy nephew – who is STILL singing the “What does the Fox say?” song all day long! Patterns of fox masks, pointy florals, and geometric fox tails complete the collections.

Lego Collection // Inspired by my older nephews who are OBSESSED with legos, of course! Patterns of Lego men (lending a hand), small lego pieces, and the traditional lego bricks complete the collection.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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Devil’s in the Details

Inspiration can come at any time – I would know – according to Coy, I tend to “see the bacteria, growing on the bugs, that are eating the leaves, on the trees, in the forest.”

So while we were half way through a Dexter marathon, I kept pausing to check out this design element in Dexter’s home:


It looked to me like it was a simple wood wall bracket that you would typically see under shelves. I knew I wanted to recreate this above our master bedroom door and above my office/guest room door. I had found these wood brackets last spring when I was organizing my bathroom (using them as shelf dividers, as seen on pinterest). Since we moved, they’ve been sitting in the back of the office closet waiting to be given a purpose again. They were the right shape, but I needed something thinner to fit within the doorway trim – darn. So I had to get new, and here’s what I ended up choosing:


Since the rooms are on opposite ends of the house, I thought I’d mix up the design a bit by going with two different styles. Now that I had them picked out, I had to figure out how to finish and install them. So let’s find out how I did it.

DIY Wood Bracket Archway

photo (52)

Step 1: Clean wood of any stray pieces or dust


Step 2: Either spray paint/paint the same color as your trim, or stain to match your trim.


Step 3: You can certainly install with the screws that come with the brackets, but I didn’t want to risk damaging the wood trim (esp. since we are renting) so I used my favorite go-to: command strips – and they worked like a charm. 

For the master bedroom, I’m still waiting for those brackets to come in, so stay tuned for how that one turns out – I’ll be using color and pattern this time!

Coy’s just glad that this archway is the only thing that inspired me while watching Dexter! What little details have you added around your house to give it that extra touch?

All about ME, today

HomeI finally have a home with white floorboards – YAY! Can you believe that was on my MUST-HAVE list – that was the ONLY thing. It just makes the house feel CLEAN!

As you may know, we recently moved to Alabama, as Coy earned a promotion that came with a transfer (been here 2 weeks, today!) Well, we’re settling in nicely. I had to get back to work ASAP, so I had to get the house together ASAP, so I could actually concentrate on work and not my disorganized home!

So here is the house tour – all spic ‘n span! I have a lot of my custom works sprinkled throughout the house – so at the end of the tour, you can “shop my home!”


1. Foyer/Entry

This is one of my favorite parts of the house – the Entry. It gets great light and the front door (not pictured) is basically a huge window!

We are greeted by my great aunt Max with her famous pies, my Aunt and Uncle, Linda and Dave, as well as my Great Uncle, Bill; they are enjoying a cold one in the hot Kansas sun back in Clifton.

Feng Shui Obsessed: This is the “Water” section of the home, so I’ve used dark blues, blacks, greys, and metalics (metal “holds” water) for colors, as well as brought in a round mirror to enhance the water element.

Office2. Guest Room/Office

Coy really wanted me to have a room dedicated to my work (isn’t he thoughtful!), but I had to have a room that was multifunctional. We moved from a 3 bedroom/loft to a two bedroom, so where were we going to put guests, in the garage? I, of course, was able to sway him to my way of thinking – multi-purpose!

The bed doesn’t take up that much room, and I still had enough space to store my work items with room to spare. As this is a south facing room, I am blessed with full sun all day, which is great since I’m a sun-soaker! You can see that I have blank frames up – just waiting on artwork – might use some of my prints, might purchase from this artist

Feng Shui Obsessed: This is an “Earth” area, so I’ve used cool greens and blues as my palette. I’m waiting on these watercolors for above the desk to help tie in the colors. I had to throw some pink (yang color) in there, to add some sparkle and to balance out the cool yin colors.

Bathroom3. Hall Bathroom

This is my most favorite room in the house – weird, I know, but I went with a color I’ve never used before, bright yellow, and I LOVE IT! It all began with the relief map of New Jersey, my childhood home. I’ve had this map since I was born – on the backside is a chalkboard my bother and I used to play “school.” So the map guided the color palette of beach blue and bright yellow.

I continued the east coast theme with the NYC relief map, and the beach wood block. Perhaps this is my favorite room because it reminds me most of my childhood – Jersey, the shore and NYC trips. Did I mention that Alabama geography is EXACTLY like north Jersey, full of windy roads, hills and lakes? I love it here!

Feng Shui Obsessed: This room is still within the “Earth” area, so I varied the color palette slightly from that used in the Guest Room, adding the more “earth” color of bright yellow.

KitchenDining4. Kitchen/Dining

I never thought I would love white cabinets as much as I do – makes for a VERY bright kitchen! The only thing I would change in here (if I could) would be the appliances – they are quite dated. Here is where we display our beloved polish pottery, and the awesome “Clubhouse” sign we commissioned from our brother-in-law – it keeps us young! Say hi to Baker, one of our kitties – I let her stay there for the pic, then quickly shooed her off the counter!

The dining room is nicely situated right off the kitchen but before the living, making one large Great Room. We have display cabinets to hold all our precious gifts, like Japanese tea glasses from my father, copper Japanese tumblers from my mother, crystal dishes from Coy’s grandmother, and original ceramics from my aunt Marearl, which holds the last of the wheat crop from my cousin’s farm before he passed several years ago…

Feng Shui Obsessed: The Kitchen is a “Metal” area and the Dining is an “Earth” and a “Metal” area – this is good as Earth nurtures Metal in FS. As the dining area is the Center/Heart of the home, I used typical earth tones to enhance the space. On the opposite wall, we have a picture frame display of all our nieces and nephews and other loved ones we keep in our hearts (not pictured).

Living5. The Great Room

We call this the Great Room because it’s about twice as big as our previous living room – but don’t worry, we figured out how to fill it up! Speaking of filling up – check out our collection of growlers (beer jugs) which we’ve alreay found a few spots around Alabama that we will put to good use.

This is my second favorite space, because it reminds me of our wedding, which was nautical themed. We also have a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright in the room (Sprite statue, Flag painting, Rocking Chair fabric, Coffee table books, etc.) so we feel quite at home here. It’s hard to see but the rocking chair fabric is in Teco green, which, if you’ve been following me, you know I’m obsessed!

Feng Shui Obsessed: This area is all “Fire” element (with a little earth too). So of course, it is perfect the the fireplace was already here. We’ve used a lot of red and triangle shapes, as well as plants – which fuel fire.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the house tour… Wait – where do we sleep? Well, I’m holding off on sharing the master as it is a work in progress. It’s a nice BIG room with a BIG bathroom (two sinks!) and walk-in closet. Perhaps, I will save that for another post. Also not pictured are the garage and laundry – boring! But here is a quick shot of the backyard and Coy…



As seen in the Guest Room

As seen in the Guest Room

As seen in the Hall Bath

As seen in the Hall Bath



As seen in the Hall Bath


As seen in the Guest Room


As seen in the Guest Room


As seen in the Great Room


In the Guest Room (not pictured)

As seen in the foyer (not pictured)

As seen in the foyer (not pictured)


As seen in the Foyer



Today is another two-part feature. I’m sharing one of my recent logos and the work of the client who commissioned the logo, Amber, with Lynnburg Lane Soap Co. In addition to her logo, I created her labeling system as well. She’s been wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to try out her new line on etsy!

photo (33)

Amber of Lynnburg Lane

When did you start making soaps and skin care products?
I have always battled sensitive skin – it kind if comes with the blonde hair and blue eyes territory!  As a kid growing up, my mom and I shopped the cosmetic aisles over and over looking for body lotions and soaps that were fragrance free and hypoallergenic, and eventually I found some that did an OK job but I was never really satisfied – even in my twenties.  By the time I became pregnant and gave birth to my first child in 2009, I had become very interested in organic and more natural skin care products, especially when I realized my little boy had sensitive skin as well – Dad is blonde haired and blue-green eyed with very sensitive skin too, so this would of course make total sense!  I read and started researching products and ingredients, spending lots of money on products that claimed to be good for my baby, but it wasn’t until I gave birth to my 2nd son in 2012 that I acted on this interest of mine and started crafting my very own soap and lotion recipes.  My second son was born at home with two very talented midwives, and going through this very natural birth process and seeing how they treated me through pregnancy and birth, so naturally with a “back to basics” approach that my body responded to so well, inspired and motivated me to take on this challenge for my family and myself.  So in 2012 I shared my product with family for gifts, etc., and my mother demanded I pass out samples to others because she thought it was such great stuff, and the rest is history!
Are your products in any local stores or only available through etsy?
Lynnburg Lane is also available at Attitude by Dzin salon in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The girls there also do amazing hair!

What is your favorite product that you make?
I honestly cannot chose – I use everything on a regular basis and love how each one contributes to my healthy skin in a very different way.  I probably enjoy making soap the most though – it’s always exciting to see the transformation of raw ingredients into beautiful, perfect bars of soap, and you can dress soap up with flowers and teas and oils, which I love!

What is your favorite scent?
I love scents that remind me of sunshine and happiness, so naturally the Citrus Lemon is definitely one of my favorites!

Do you have a “best seller?”
The lavender body lotion is always a crowd pleaser!  People seem to really like the pure simplicity of the unscented bar soap as well.

What’s next for Lynnburg Lane, do you have anything in the works that you’re excited about?
I am trying to elaborate on my “mama and baby” line of products, and I also have a couple of new “scents” I will be releasing soon – some wonderful herbal products and then something a little spicy for the winter!  I also hope to eventually have a product line just for facial cleansing and moisturizing, but I’m in the very early stages of development for those products.

Craving Tecos

Pinnacle Vase by FLW

Pinnacle Vase by FLW

It’s a color that my interior design professors would have referred to as “mental-hospital green.” I think we’re good, just as long as we don’t paint this color on the walls, ladies.

I’m referring to Teco green, pronounced tee-ko. Teco Pottery (TErra COtta) was born at the end of the 1800s and has become synonymous within prairie style architecture, especially the bungalow. But of course, it’s when Frank Lloyd Wright took notice and started sprinkling the interiors of his houses with teco pottery, that it became an icon of American ceramic design. FLW eventually designed some of his own works. Because he, too, could make that… Better.

Teco was a style that abandoned the ornateness of previous vase and vessel ceramics. Clean, simple lines – any embellishments were done in a geometric way, as to not break up the clean lines of the style. Authentic Teco pottery can cost thousands of dollars at auctions and on the ever lovely, ebay (is it the real deal?). But there are places one can purchase reproductions – of the 500 designs, there are about 10 or so shapes that can still be purchased today, ranging from $75-200.


While I’m a super fan of the style and philosophy behind Teco pottery, I find myself forever gravitating towards Frank’s take on the style. And when I returned from Arizona last month, after being immersed in FLW, I knew I had to start a collection. I started with the Pinnacle vase (see above) – mostly because it was the least expensive to start with – but also because I loved the arrow design – which, of course is not echoing arrows at all, but rather, “the underlying structure of the Day Lily” – thanks Frank – always turning nature into geometry!

Even if it is commonly known as a “sickly green” I just happen to love it. So now the collection starts. I’ll move on to the Dana House Sumac Vase, followed by the Amphora Vase, then the….

Let me be Frank

You should all know by now that, like many designers, I’m in love with the works and philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright. So when I was gifted this Mission style rocking chair from my Pops – I knew I had to reupholster it.

Spencer, enjoying the new toy

Spencer, enjoying the new toy

And I knew exactly what I was going to do. You remember this re-design from earlier this summer right? (Man, I wish I could paint my walls).

FLW Fourth of July rug turned canvas art

FLW Fourth of July rug/Liberty cover turned canvas art

Well, this time, I wanted to use one of the other Liberty Magazine covers. BUT, I knew I wanted to change the color scheme to reflect my other obsession, Teco Pottery – I hope Frank’s not rolling over in his grave…

Liberty magazine cover turned fabric and used as upholstery

Liberty magazine cover turned fabric and used as upholstery

It took A LONG time, but once I had the design replicated, I easily transformed it into upholstery fabric through my spoonflower shop. Mission furniture is focused on symmetry and simplicity, so I really like how the fabric pattern creates a contrast to that. Here’s the full before/after:


This past father’s day we spent most of the day helping Pops pack up his house for a big move. Well, it turns out the old man has been hoarding children’s toys – just waiting for those grandkids to come along… #sadface

He and I share the same taste in most things, but especially children’s toys – minimalist, modern, and especially WALDORF. After seeing his collection, I was inspired to create some prints for my new shop, kiddosN’babes.


Now I just gotta work on designing those grandbabes…


Here I go again

To borrow the title from Whitesnake, #showingmyage, I just can’t stop thinking up new shops and prints. I’m excited to announce the newest feature of 66works Design Firm, etsy shop kiddosNbabes, born from parent-shop, cheekyPRINTS. Here are a few of the new prints!


With almost ALL of my friends having little ones, it only seemed appropriate to cater to that demographic.

Plus, I have deals and specials that never end:
Digital Prints from $15
Buy One Get One – $24
Buy Three Get 50% Off – $30
Buy Two Get Two – $48


My Kitchen Rules

OK – granted, Coy does most of the cleaning (I don’t know how I found the ONE, ladies) – but I do most of the cooking – so I’ve created this fun 8×10 print to celebrate what being in the kitchen is all about – having fun and MAKING A MESS! – and you can even have it personalized for your messy cook (or kids)!